About the company

Fayd Al-Qassim Company, at the Imam Ali Holy Shrine, is an important vital joint. The company was established in 2009 and it is owned by the Imam Ali Holy Shrine. The company operates in several fields, including: (general trade, real estate investments, tourism investments, animal and plant production, and educational services), She holds an international

goals of the company

The main objective of Fayd Al Qassim is: 1- Providing job opportunities and employing manpower. 2- Increasing local production and reducing imports. 3- Supporting the local market with high quality products of the Imam Ali Holy Shrine. 4- Establishing service projects for the Imam Ali Holy Shrine and others for honorable visitors from the profits

The organizational structure of the company

Fayd Al-Qassim Company includes seven divisions, each division has its duties and activities, as follows: First: The Administrative Division: The division is concerned with following up the people and managing personnel affairs. The division consists of five units, namely: 1- The Autonomy Unit: The unit addresses the people and the company’s units. It also addresses

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