The organizational structure of the company

Fayd Al-Qassim Company includes seven divisions, each division has its duties and activities, as follows:

First: The Administrative Division: The division is concerned with following up the people and managing personnel affairs. The division consists of five units, namely:

1- The Autonomy Unit: The unit addresses the people and the company’s units. It also addresses the threshold divisions, the external departments, and all administrative matters and official correspondence.

2- The Individuals Unit: This unit monitors the personnel affairs and everything related to their affairs.

3- Mechanisms Unit: It is responsible for the movement of vehicles and following up their maintenance, as well as everything related to the exit and return of the vehicles.

4- Direct Selling Outlets Unit: This unit markets the products of the official projects that the company undertakes, and it is a vital unit that works to put the company’s products on the market.

5- Marketing and Promotion Unit: This unit markets products and follows them up, as well as grants commercial agencies and supplies centers with products and deals with them.

Second: Accounts Division: It includes three units:

1- Accounts Unit: This unit carries out project calculations and follows up on financial project matters.

2- Fund Unit: This unit receives financial matters as well as project financial disbursement.

3- Warehouse Unit: This unit performs warehouse operations and everything related to warehouse input and output, as well as an inventory of fixed and variable assets.

Third: the Audit Division: It is the division responsible for auditing the company’s procurement operations and everything related to auditing the expenses and revenues of the company.

Fourth: The Engineering and Technical Division: It consists of four units:

1- Projects Implementation Unit: Among the tasks of this unit is the direct implementation of new projects as well as the development of old projects of the company.

2- Studies and Development Unit: This unit prepares studies for projects in Fayd Al-Qasim Company.

3- Maintenance unit: This unit maintains the devices and mechanisms of the company’s projects.

4- Communications and Surveillance Unit: It is the unit responsible for surveillance devices (cameras) and everything related to computers.

Fifth: The Poultry Fields Division: It is the division responsible for managing the fields that produce poultry. This division raises chicks from one day old until they become integrated chickens capable of carrots and marketing. The division consists of two units:

1- Medical supervision unit: its mission is to monitor poultry, as this unit monitors poultry daily to determine vaccinations and treatments for them.

2- Poultry raising unit: This unit raises chickens in addition to all the needs for their breeding, as well as medicines and treatments for their breeding.

Sixth: Al-Qassim Slaughterhouse Division: It is the division responsible for the carrot process of poultry and stomach for carrots, and it consists of two units:

1. Slaughterhouse operation unit: This unit operates poultry and carrot equipment.

2. Accounts Unit: This unit performs all mathematical operations in the massacre.

Seventh: Projects Follow-up Division: It consists of four units:

1. The refining plant project unit: This unit operates the ship unloading plant at the northern port of Umm Qasr for grain and bagging.

2. Poultry hatching unit: This unit produces chicks and supplies the poultry fields division with them for the purpose of producing poultry, which in turn increases the Qassim slaughterhouse with chickens for the purpose of carrots.

3. The Dairy Factory Unit: This unit produces dairy products for the Fayd Al-Qassim Company, as it supplies the Al-Mudheif department at the Upper Holy Shrine and the Imam Al-Hassan Guest House (peace be upon him) as well as the local markets with the products of the Fayd Al-Qassim Company.

4. Grain packing unit: This unit carries out all the packing matters for dry products, as this unit has special machines for packing local products of Fayd Al Qasim Company.

Unassociated units

1. Secretarial unit: This unit carries out all the organizational work as well as the affairs of the managing director of the company.

2. Legal unit: It is the unit responsible for issuing official licenses for projects and all that is related to them in terms of official approvals, as the company is represented in official government departments and Iraqi courts.

3. Relationships Unit: It is the independent unit responsible for organizing the company’s external relations, receiving delegations and everything related to their stay and travel.

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